Monday, October 17, 2011


Let me introduce the other love of mine: papercrafting. I have another blog called 'paper jestar' which you can check out here.

Although it may seem totally different to writing, I find papercrafting very complementary. Perhaps because it fuels that creativity in me which also gives me the same joy and focus and confidence that writing gives me, but because it is a lot easier and more 'relaxing', each card I make is instant gratification and that sense of accomplishment pours into my writing. In short, each love inspires and encourages the other. Does that make any sense?

I absolutely love this video showcasing the fabulous Amy Tangerine and her DIY mini book. The song is called 'Art' by Tanya Davis. The lyrics encapsulate what I muse about too.
Art I want you.

I wondered what would be the worth of my words in the world
if i write them and then recite them are they worth being heard
just because i like them does that mean i should mic them
and see what might unfurl

i think of the significance of my opinions here
is it significant to be giving them does anybody care
just because i'm into this does that mean i should live like it
and really do i dare

art, art i want you
art you make it pretty hard not to
and my heart is trying hard here to follow you
but i can't always tell if i ought to

so i pondered the point of my art in this life
if i make it will someone take it and think it's genuine
will they be glad that i did 'cause they got something good out of it
will they leave me and be any more inspired

i question the outcome of the outpouring of myself
if i tell everyone my stories will this keep me healthy and well
will it give me purpose, to this world some sort of service
is it worth it, how can i tell

art, art...

Friday, October 7, 2011


Wow, it's been a long time since I wrote here. I guess I've been a bit afraid to. Writing has been starting and stopping so much for me due to an unpredictable and often busy and chaotic schedule. The renovations are finally over though and I have nestled back into writing early in the morning. I give myself an average of about an hour and make sure I write at least 300 words of good, final draft quality. They say it takes 21 days to form a habit, and here I am on day 2 and doing quite well. Of course I still come to the screen, very nervous and afraid I'm going to fail, but as the words come, and I tap away at the keyboard, the story flows before me, and I have nothing to be afraid of anymore. 

The simplest advice I can give is: Just do it. Just write and believe in yourself, your story, characters and writing ability. I think it takes a lot of confidence and faith to write, but you have to actually write first. The longer you stay away and procrastinate, the higher the page looms and fear grows. So here I am writing and it's not as huge and scary as I imagined.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


If I could sum up my style it would be classic and cute with a dash of whimsy. These are the things that attract me in life.

I was browsing Yogee toys, I wanted to find more Plan Toys products for my boys after getting them this gorgeous Plan City Road & Rail Station set for Christmas - isn't it cool how you can pack it all away neatly in the station?

Then I came across Plan Toys' dollhouses and it was love at first sight. I asked my son: 'Do you want this dollhouse?' It was no surprise that his eyes glazed over and he said: 'No, I want the truck', which turned out to be the shipping icon. I was all like: 'Are you sure? Isn't it cute?' But no, he insisted on the shipping icon. These are the times I wish I had a daughter ;) So I thought, what the hell, mummy will get it for herself instead.

I ordered 'My First Dollhouse' (more like my 6th one!)

How classic and gorgeous is it?? I am so in love! It has all these open spaces so it's easy to get into the rooms (for kids of course) but I'm loving all the natural light that will pour through when I take photos of my toys in it and create my dioramas!

I bought the basement as well. It's a cool little room box on its own :D 

I am such a sucker for dolls houses and miniatures. It is a lifetime obsession. Even today as I thought of my novel's Chapter 26, I was planning a dollhouse scene complete with furniture and accessories! Well, a grisly kitchen scene in miniature scale as I'm kinda writing a horror at this stage. Yes, miniatures will feature in my novel and yes, I'll never grow up ;)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


When you write early in the morning, it is good to actually know what you're going to write about. Planning the day or night before makes things easier. Unfortunately, organised as I am, I have been neglecting this. I still managed to write 700+ words in 30 minutes though. I had enough images and scenes in my head to latch onto. It was a rough draft but reading it later, there were good things to pick up and make a clean trail through the wild.

This is what you must do. Even if you don't have a plan, just write. You might think it garbage when in fact it's great compost for ideas to take root and grow.

Monday, April 11, 2011


They're not the main character. They're barely in the story. But for the few minutes of screen time they possess, they capture you with their charm.

This is my little ode to those characters starting with Katie from Horton Hears a Who. She has the best sigh ever. If only we could eat rainbows and poop butterflies. 

We love you, Katie! You quirky yellow thing!

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Check out my spankin' new blog look! I am lovin' it :D Nothing like a pretty background to inspire some writing ;)

It's been so long since I last wrote, but life has been chaotic and stressful. Between the boys and renovations, it has been one disruption after the next and my early mornings for writing have been mostly sabotaged. It's been really hard and I have been run down and sick a lot of the time.

I did consider trying to write at night but by the time the boys are in bed, I am good for nothing and soon go to bed myself after falling asleep in front of the TV or dropping the book I'm reading!

So I'm back to my early mornings where I can squeeze in an average of 30-60 minutes of writing if I'm lucky. Sadly those 250 words 6 days a week haven't been happening (I am still an exceptionally slow writer). Therefore I have tried to be a bit more realistic about my goals given my current situation and told my teacher that the deal is changing to a full chapter (approx 2000 words) every 2-3 weeks instead of half a chapter (approx 1000 words) a week.

That's all numbers though. I try not to despair over it. Try not to feel like a failure because I'm not making the word count each day. Instead, I do what I can.  Today I brought my current chapter 25 to the halfway mark.  Feels awesome!

I still believe that you should write as regularly as you can. If you leave writing on the shelf for too long, it becomes harder to get into, just like a muscle that becomes slack without exercise.

So write regularly, make time for it. Life will get in the way, but when it does, don't give up. Just keep writing! Remember, every word counts.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


I'm a shy person, sometimes so shy that people mistake my quietness for snobbery. I've never been the best communicator in terms of speaking. But my writing on the other hand, that's where the words flow. 

As a writer, there is nothing more fulfilling or makes me feel happier than writing. I wrote another 800 words today, 326 of final draft quality :) I've been writing everyday since I started this plan, except for last Sunday when I usually rest :)

At the beginning of a writing session, I shut my perfectionist self out and write with abandon. I say all I need to say in rough form, then let my perfectionist self back in and chisel away. I am always amazed by the words and scenes that come forth as I write. For a long time, I felt unprepared and lost with the story I wanted to tell, but you have to have faith in your ideas. Each word will carry you forward.

Jestar x